Luxury Beverage Ice

The Official Ice of Bourbon™

Kentucky Straight Ice™ providing elegance, purity and above all, consistency to the premium spirits industry.

Kentucky Straight Ice™ is The Official Ice of Bourbon™ and the perfect pairing for your top-shelf spirit.

Pure, consistent, slow melting, and stunningly clear!

Kentucky Straight Ice™


The Official Ice of Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Every Kentucky Straight Ice product is produced using award-winning, limestone filtered water, which has been sourced from Kentucky’s Alluvium Aquifer. Since 1798, Kentucky has been famous for producing the world’s finest bourbons. The Alluvium Aquifer is responsible for the vast majority of the world’s bourbon production; making Kentucky Straight Ice The DNA for the best bourbons on Earth.™

Kentucky Straight Ice products are custom cut to fit our clients’ glassware flawlessly. Each cube/sphere is individually sealed in its own zip lock bag to insure freshness and prevent contamination. Below are a few of our standard options:


2 x 2 in

Perfect Spheres

2.25 in


2.5 in


The jewel in your spirit

Tom Collins Ice

Ice sticks for skinny glasses

Ice Sculpting Service

Custom Orders

Our Passion

The DNA of your Bourbon

Kentucky Straight Ice enthusiasts are not customers, but connoisseurs. They understand that top-shelf spirits require a high quality ice pairing, which will not dilute or contaminate their drinks. Our products deliver an improved beverage experience by providing an aesthetically pleasing, flavorful, and consistent drink with each and every sip.

If you are a premium spirits enthusiast, please don’t roll the dice with a ‘mystery ice’. Ask your bartender for Kentucky Straight Ice: The Official Ice of Kentucky Straight Bourbon.™

Pure, consistent, slow melting, and stunningly clear.
The perfect pairing for your top-shelf spirit.

Our Process

The magic is our attention to detail

Kentucky Straight Ice is designed to enhance the ‘on the rocks’ experience for Bourbon, Scotch, Whiskey, and the entire premium spirits class. We are a family owned company, based in Louisville, KY that specializes in handcrafted, stunningly clear, luxury beverage-ice.

Purity of Source

Beginning our process with clean limestone-rich Kentucky water is key. The naturally occuring limestone deposits for which Kentucky is known provide water which is cleaner than your municipal water supply.

Trademark Freezing

Our unique process for freezing the pure Kentucky limestone water results in cubes as clear as you've ever seen. This process elimnated those off-putting flavors and smells found in the common cube.

Slow Liquifaction

The result of this process is an ice cube that will defy your conventional expectations. The lack of impure elements leads to a cube that melts more slowly, releasing just the right amount of water to open the flavor of your spirit.

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