Kentucky Straight Ice is designed to enhance the ‘on the rocks’ experience for Bourbon, Scotch, Whiskey, and the entire premium spirits class.

Here’s how...

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Superior Water = Superior Ice

Every Kentucky Straight Ice product begins with award-winning limestone filtered water, which has been sourced from Kentucky’s Alluvium Aquifer. Since 1798, this aquifer has supplied the vast majority of bourbon distillers with their water. Making Kentucky Straight Ice™ the DNA of bourbon itself.

Kentucky Straight Ice™ is not simply “fancy” clear ice. Our pure, limestone filtered rocks offer the ultimate consistency in your bourbon/whiskey “on-the-rocks” pour.


You Can’t Rush Quality

Our roots are in bourbon and this community has taught us a valuable lesson. Quality can only come from patience. You simply cannot rush the production of quality product. It will only be delivered with patience and time.

Taking this method to heart, our unique, slow-freezing process takes time. FOUR DAYS to be exact. Our system includes multiple filtration systems, which eliminate bubbles, impurities, and off-putting flavors.

The result of our patience? ice that will defy your conventional expectations. Machine-made ice (produces in minutes) and silicone mold ice (made over a few hours), simply cannot compare to the quality of ice our patience delivers. The Difference is Clear


SLOW liquefaction

Life shouldn't be watered down. Neither should your drink! 

Our unique slow-freezing process produces ice that is as clear as you've ever seen... Yet we are not just pretty, Kentucky Straight Ice™ is functional.

Free of impurities and bubbles (which make standard ice essentially hollow), Kentucky Straight Ice™ is extremely dense and crystal-clear ice.  Often, our products will last (up to) three times longer than traditional freezer ice, releasing just the right amount of limestone filtered water to open the flavor of your spirit, not dilute it.

Pure, dense and slow-melting. The perfect pairing for your bourbon "on the rocks" or old fashioned.